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Most people really don't know as much about home buying as they wish  they did! Don't be "the one" the bull in the china shop that only finds at the end of the day that a lot went wrong during the walk to the closing table. Realtors at First Story are seasoned,highly trained and possess market knowledge that only full time professionals can access and learn. This is the most important time in the world to have an expert working for you.  

We are ready to help you with your home purchase. If you are not familiar with the home buying process, call for your FREE home buyer consultation. If you are not in our area, no problem, we can video you in on a call. Our first meeting is information gathering and us each getting to know one another and finding a way to make your buyer experience a fun, learning and rewarding journey.

We have a few questions first, and these must be completed before we can begin. We hope you are serious about your purchase. We are serious about helping you, and everyone's time is important - especially our customer's!

We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.  Just click the  "Contact Me" button at the bottom of the page and we will call you!

We'll get to work so you can start packing!