A Way Out of A Distress Sale

There is hope when your home is in pre-foreclosure, and you Do have options!

Finding a way out of a distress sale is daunting and may seem hopeless, but it does not have to be. Century 21 First Story Real Estate Brokers have the knowledge and can help you navigate the process Research has ranked selling a home as second to relationship breakups for the most stressful experience in a person’s life. The same survey said Americans are more stressed out about selling their home than planning a wedding, getting fired or even becoming a parent. Add to that the financial stress and now it becomes seemingly unattainable. But it doesn't have to be.

It is perfectly normal to have strong emotions during this process. Is there good news or a reason to be hopeful? Indeed! Though the experience can feel overwhelming and inspire doubts, it doesn’t have to get in the way of a successful home sale, and there's always a bright side. Here are a few methods we've developed to help you

The Story: Hard Decisions, Exacerbated Timelines

You've received notices, and your phone won't stop ringing! 

Financial stress and the inability to know how to handle mortgages in default can be overwhelming. No one, and I mean no one, wants to see you suffer from this stress no matter what your circumstances may be! We are here to help put your mind at ease while you deal with the hardest decisions that people have to make during a seemingly rushed timeline for those decisions, exacerbated by pressure from mortgage lenders and legal notices, whether it has to come quickly or when needing a little time before proceeding. You may ask where do I even begin, or you may just want a way out. Guidance is what you may need and we want to offer it. Click "Let's Talk" and well, let's  begin to talk. 

"It’s not hard to say good-bye to a house, especially if it is financially draining your bank account and your mind. It’s harder to say good-bye to special memories and to the end of an era. There is hope, there are new eras awaiting you, hope for a renewed mindset, and that's where we want to lead you.

The Brighter Side ☀️

“We feel so blessed to work with people just like you, who are definitely going through a bit of a transition. We know it will just take time. We also know that someday, much sooner than you can imagine, you will be walking through the rooms of a new house feeling relieved and hopeful.”  You need only take time for a conversation to see how we begin this process with you. We need your information and to talk first. Click "Let's Talk" below and we will get the process started with you, with your lender, and with a buyer to hopefully give you the relief you need.

The Steps: Beginning the Work

Despite being a Realtor who has guided many clients through the home-selling process, the ones that stand out in our Broker's mind are the ones similar to her story. When we say that we have been there, done that, we mean it. It's been our biggest reward to help people, not to buy the McMansions, but to help those keep their dignity, renew their spirits and give hope during times of their greatest stress, managing or finding a way out of distressed properties, properties in mortgage default.  There's just not that many agents who do this kind of work. 

Could you use that help?  Want us to walk with you through the process? 

If you want to begin the work, just click "Lets Talk" below and let us know how to reach you. A simple conversation is all we need to begin.

“We started to doubt ourselves. Would we ever be able to get out of debt? Can we rebuild and own a home again? Is there anyone who can help with no obligation or more expense?”

It's Your Time to Shine ☀️

“Like many of my clients, I've had these thoughts kept me up at night. My fears were alleviated, however, with guidance, with grace and with someone who could take the lead and get us out and moving forward. It's your time to shine believe it or not, we just facilitate it for you."   You can get out of this situation.

Don't let this stress eat away at you another day. Click "Let's Talk"  below and we will contact you as soon as possible. We promise. 

Selling your home is hard.
Selling during distress, without an agent on your side, is
even harder.

Even if you need help, we will be there,
preparing you (and your home) to sell and taking some stress off your plate. 

If you don't ask, your story may get even harder. 

We want you to win. It's that simple. One Conversation at a time

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