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Tallahassee Homes: 7 Resolutions for a Happy New Year

Debbie Kirkland

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Dec 22 1 minutes read

With the holidays behind us and the new calendar stretching out, it's not just time for personal resolutions, but home resolutions too! In Tallahassee, a city known for magnificent oak trees, rolling hills, and a deep sense of community, setting goals for your home is a meaningful endeavor. Whether you're nestled in the historic districts near downtown or enjoying the spacious parks of Killearn Estates, these seven resolutions are sure to enhance not just the value of your Tallahassee property, but your enjoyment and lifestyle as well.

1. Embrace the Eco-Friendly Spirit of Tallahassee

Tallahassee's community is increasingly eco-conscious, making this the perfect moment to bring sustainability into your home. Consider solar panels to make use of Florida's abundant sunshine, or energy-efficient appliances that can handle our warm summers and occasional cold snaps. Smart home systems here can regulate energy use to the unique demands of our local climate. As for decor, materials like bamboo or reclaimed local pine can add a charming, rustic touch that speaks to Tallahassee’s heritage.

2. Simplify and Streamline Your Southern Home

In the spirit of Southern simplicity, decluttering can bring tranquility to your Tallahassee home. Enlist local services or visit community sales to find storage solutions that mesh with the architectural style of your residence, whether it's a Craftsman bungalow or a modern loft. After all, a clutter-free space allows for more enjoyment of the natural beauty and thriving art scenes our city boasts.

3. Cultivate Your Very Own North Florida Oasis

Our city’s subtropical climate invites you to enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round. Commit to turning your outdoor space into a place for calm reflection or vibrant social gatherings. In the Panhandle, both native and tropical plants thrive, so consider a mixed garden that respects our ecosystem while adding curb appeal. And with Tallahassee's commitment to green space, bringing a piece of that ethos to your home will resonate with the city’s character.

4. Dedicate Time to Home Maintenance

The unique weather patterns of the area, from summer thunderstorms to potential hurricanes, highlight the importance of home maintenance. Setting up a seasonal checklist ensures your house stands strong against local elements. Services like roof inspections, gutter cleanings, and HVAC maintenance are readily available; many Tallahassee companies provide these, ensuring you can find help with a neighborly touch.

5. Implement Energy-Saving Measures Tailored to Tallahassee

Power conservation is a wise resolution in a city where heat waves are common. Utilize white roofs or cooling window treatments that reflect energy conservation adapted to our climate. Simple habits like moderating AC usage to match the mild spring and fall can also lead to sustainability and savings.

6. Champion Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses—a Tallahassee tradition—bolsters our economy and strengthens bonds within the community. Next time you’re renovating or decorating, favor local artisans and shops. And when hiring services, look to local professionals. In a city that prides itself on its independent spirit, this resolution upholds our economy's unique local flavor.

7. Build Community in Your Corner of the Capital City

Our sense of community is one of Tallahassee’s greatest strengths. From Havana to Midtown, cultivate relationships with neighbors that can blossom into block parties, shared garden projects, or community action groups. In doing so, you contribute to a neighborhood culture that’s as warm and inviting as a sunny day in Cascades Park.

As you step into the new year, use these seven resolutions as your guide to refine your Tallahassee home and lifestyle. Here's to a year of fulfillment, eco-friendliness, and community spirit in our beautiful city. Happy New Year, Tallahassee!

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