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Don't Forget To Relax When Shopping For A Home

Debbie Kirkland

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Jul 3 6 minutes read

Buying A Home Should Be A Good Experience

Has the stress of your home-buying experience got you stressed, made you anxious? What's the thing that keeps you up about the process?  These are a few of the questions we begin our home-buyer consultation with to help us understand the really important things about our customers.

Until your Realtor(R) knows what makes you happy, what drives you nuts and what is important to you, we really can't start the home-buying process.  It's really more important than the typical first questions most Realtors(R) ask their customers. "How many bedrooms and baths..... What's your price range....Do you want one or two-stories?"   Knowing what is important in a customer's lifestyle, what their kids are involved in, what medical issues might influence their home purchase as well as a whole bunch of other questions from our "How Do You Know If It's Right" home-buyer checklist that helps us get through the emotion of home-buying. because we all know, emotions are 75% of why people choose the house they purchase.  Heck, if you think it's emotional buying... just wait until you have to sell your "first home." "the home where you grew up," or the home where you made memories over the years.  It ain't easy people... and we get it at CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate. Occasionally, we have even been known to shed a tear with our customers!  (It's in that video vault somewhere!)  

5 Things That CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate Agents Do Well

So, how can we help you relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your home buying experience?  Here are 5 things that we feel that we do well for our home buyers at CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate:

  1. We listen.   We take time to hear what is important to you, what you like, and even what makes you cringe. 
  2. We make ourselves accessible.  We will tell you exactly how to reach us, even if we are out of town. Someone will always be available for the crisis moments, the ADD moments, the last minute needs that come up during contract. We will make sure you know where we are and how to reach us, and that you won't call someone else because you "don't want to bother us." 
  3. We stay one step ahead.  Professionals should know how to handle objections, negotiations, and how to problem solve. We practice and we are certified in it! Our customers think we are psychic and honestly, it feels that way sometimes.
  4. We are ahead of the curve.  CENTURY 21 agents are more productive, more visible, more equipped with technologies than any other franchise.  The ZAP platform alone offers home buyers more information and a streamlined, multi-platform approach to home searching and communicating with our agents than any other real estate program to date.  Together with your CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate agent, you can work from a PC, a tablet, or your mobile device and have access to not only listing search tools, but communication tools that offer your agent immediate feedback on properties, market and price analysis data on homes you are analyzing for offers using Toolkit CMA, home warranty protection from CENTURY 21 warranty plans, benefits and discounts on movers, and much more. Our Buyer Service Pledge is something that we take seriously and are proud to give to you when you hire us.
  5. We are just happy.  We are happy that home-buyers give us opportunities to help them make one of the most important and one of the largest financial decisions in their lives. That takes a serious TRUST relationship on both sides!  We are happy showcasing our beautiful City, helping you navigate and learn about the area. We are happy that other Tallahassee area Realtors know that when a CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate agent shows one of their listings, it is take care of and when they work with  us on a transaction, we want it to be a good experience for both buyer and seller.

We hope you become one of our satisfied customers, that you will choose an agent at CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate because you know they "get it," and that you will be taken care of. 

One of my old Brokers used to say, "Don't sleep on it, sleep in it." When it comes to making your new home buying decision, we want you to feel just that comfortable. We can arrange that for you!  Would you like a free home-buyer consultation with one of our great agents?  Contact us now, we will get you started!

One of our Instagram follows @Forselfsuccess said it all here...

Debbie Kirkland, Broker

CENTURY 21 First Story Real Estate

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