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Trusted Affiliate Service Directory From First Story Real Estate

Debbie Kirkland

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Jul 3 6 minutes read

Need Work Done at Your Home?

Trusted Service Providers Tallahassee FL - First Story Real Estate

Sooner or later, all homeowner's have a weekend emergency, maintenance issues that arise and occasionally just need total home make-overs or additions. Over the years, First Story Real Estate Company has had the pleasure of working with reputable vendors, contractors and professionals who have offered our Company and our customers top-notch services. We keep a running list of these trusted service providers, so check back often for updates. Who do you know that should be on our list? Have them drop by our office in Midtown at 316 Williams St. Tallahassee, FL 32303 for a meet a greet with our agents and Broker and we will be happy to add them to our list. We won't recommend people we have not worked with,.. so again, these are trusted professionals.

Wondering what might offend buyers if you are selling? We can help - Take a look (especially #4!): "The 5 Top Home Buyer Turn-Offs of 2015."

Are you thinking of selling your home.. and if so, do you want us to stop in and give you a "Best Practices Preparation Checklist for Sellers?" Just call us... whether for a home valuation or a comprehensive look at your home, at what repairs or makeovers will net you the most money when selling..we do that for FREE. Just click on the header button... we'll be right with you!

Meanwhile... bookmark this page and save it for future reference!

~ Debbie Kirkland, Broker 850-727-0066

Appraiser Skip Poppell 850-894-4004
J.D. Salley 850-222-7169
Timberlane Appraisal-Greg Lane 850-894-1598
Appliance Repair Clines Appliance Repair 850-926-6510
Asbestos Southern Earth Sciences
Contact: Roy Russell 850-576-4652
Air Conditioning Air & Heat, LLC-
Contact: Homer "Corky" Floyd 850-528-9062
Carpentry Finish Cabinetry -Bruce Reed 850-421-9920
Carpet Cleaning Extreme Carpet Cleaning 850-422-2227
Miller's Carpet Cleaning 850-576-5141
Chimney Jay Walker Enterprises, Jay 850-562-4692
Homestead Chimney Service
Contact: Phillip Martin 229-377-5863
Cleaning Service Judy's Cleaning - Kathy Shirley (850) 210-9198
Catherine's Cleaning (850) 322-3131
Concrete Randy Langston 850-933.4023.
Chuck Atkins 850-570-0253
David Harding/ Harding Concrete 850-599-5490
Contractors Charles Temples 850-545-0235
Nathan Roberts - Roberts Construction (850) 528-3989
Demolition Great Southern Demolition 850-422-3366
Drainage/Backhoe Mark McDonald 850-545-5855
Adam Fiedler (drainage systems) 850-251-4700
Alan Stone 850-567-2899
Electrician Gerry Caldwell 850-509-0067
Freddy Ball 850-509-1628
Engineer Bill Baldwin 850-386-3206
Blackhawk Engineering 850-224-4295
Foundation Ram Jack Foundation, Dave Baker. 850-567-4644
Tim Hay w/Foundation Services 850-877-1313
Insulation Ricky w/Big Bend Insulation 850-545-5357
Irrigation/Landscaping Josh Baker w/Baker Landscaping 850-528-0601
John Hutchinson w/Raindance 850-224-7246
Home Repairs Steve OConner –Handyman Matters 850-907-3358
Jim Matthews 850-556-0018
Bill Shultz w/Sunlit Construction 850-556-1934
Bill Davis w/Davis Construction 850-545-9414
HVAC Harper Revell 850-877-1306
Corky Floyd 850-528-9062
Mold Mitigation & Testing John Hassler w/Indoor Environmental 383-6653/556-6825
Oil Tank Removal Josh Roberts 850-567-8892
Painter Mike Tiller 850-556-5829
Bob Sutton 850-556-3533
Sid Cooper 850-894-9480
Jim Rayns 850-545-7110
Plumber Eric Snover 850-445-8943
Steve Green w/Green Plumbing 850-510-1117
White's Plumbing 850-576-3510
Joe Boone Plumbing 544-3025/562-0264
Pools Fain Searcy-Builder 850-509-0524
Neil Laws 878-5462/545-7887
Remodel Bob Janus 668-2623/545-8505
Arista Contact: Walter Siciak 850-668-6309
BEC & Company
Contact: Barney Crutchfield 528-2299/656-2608
Fain Searcy-Builder 850-509-0524
Nathan Roberts - Roberts Construction 850-528-3989
Scott W/Bentz Construction 850-509-4693
Ed Dion 386-5664/528-4467
Restoration Jeff Grant w/Bone Dry Restoration 878-6469
RooferRowe Roofing (850) 270-6122
Stubbs Roofing (850) 597-8866
Parker Bros. Roofing (850) 656-8112
Tim Nettles w/Florida Roofing (850) 222-1050
Heritage Roofing Corp
Contact: Dave or Max (850) 877-8480
Roof Repairs Russell Stilwell 893-8831/933-3239
Septic Apalachee Backhoe & Septic (850) 528-6354

Buddy's Septic 850-574-6027
Brian's Septic - Brian Miller 850-309-0000
Womble's Septic (850) 575-8200
Soil Testing Soils, Sediments & Subsurface, Inc
Contact: Drew Robertson (850) 222-SOIL (7645)
Spas David Kinser Spa, Inc (850) 942-7116/508-6103
StuccoArtistic Perfection 850 942-5933
Bobby Blackburn (850) 509-4726
Stump Grinding/Tree Service Red Hills Stump Grinding (850) 528-6036
Cricket's Tree Service (850) 878-8464
Tile Matt Bryants Custom Tile (850) 591-8877
Randy McQuaig 850-321-1336
Well Drilling - Maintenance Mill's Well Drilling (850) 562-2906
Waterproofing John Hassler 383-6653/556-6825
Dri Coat 222-7789/528-6433
Windows Lowells Windows (850) 668-8763/878-5135
Bill Shults w/Sunlit Construction (850) 556-1934
WDO's Dan Graham (850) 894-2222
Alex w/Leon Exterminators (850) 576-3955
Rex Thomas (850) 528-6461
Brian w/1st Choice Pest Services (850) 656-5982
Wood Floors Tallahassee Floor Finishing (850) 656-5500
Wood Rot Bruce Reed (850) 508-8836
Buzz Hill (850) 509-7147
Alex Dinkleman (850) 509-3678
Mark McDonald (850) 545-5855

What Is Your Home Worth?

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