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What Buyers Can Expect At An Open House

Debbie Kirkland

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Jul 3 6 minutes read

How and Where Do you Start your House Hunt?

Why do Realtors hold open houses and what do buyers want to see when they visit these homes? How do you even find open houses? 

To start, open houses are meant to showcase a home to as many potential buyers as possible and to present a home is such a way to make it compelling for home buyers to make an offer as soon as possible. A neat, clean home, staged in a way that potential buyers can see themselves living in each room is sure to win the eyes of those looking for a new home. Serious buyers want to see sellers being serious about selling – so, make it shine! For a home-buyer, attending Open Houses can be FUN and a great way to see a variety of homes, and learn about neighborhoods. A good agent will be prepared for homebuyers with facts, figures and features about the home and market and welcome you to the home and assist you if you have questions - Never be afraid to ask agents questions!   The truth is, a good agent, is also going to give buyers a time to respond after the open house, ask the right questions, do their research and feel good and be prepared about making an offer. While offers can happen fairly quickly, it RARELY happens during an open house (Unless another showing agent has prepped their buyers ahead of the open house with facts and details and they are ready to "sleep in it, not on it!") Buyers are about to spend more money than they’ve ever spent, and go into more debt than they've ever had and serious buyers don't "wing it," Savvy buyers didn’t learn everything they need to know from HGTV and don’t depend of advice from a friend who is a handyman or their parents who know people who know people in real estate... in another State!  

Working with a Realtor or Winging it?

Why take a risk? Why even think that you'll luck up and get an agent who knows how to guide you along?  Every profession has it's shining stars... real estate is no different! There are agents and then... there are AGENTS. Great agents aren't just sitting in an open house or on a call desk in their office waiting for someone who can fog a mirror to call and want to work with them,they are prepared for buyers and prepared to recognize when buyers need help or want information.  What great agents are doing is educating themselves,lining up a team of professionals that you will need during every single step of your home buying experience.  If your Agent doesn't know enough about every potential loan program there is and which one might fit your needs, or can't tell you what the current average home price is in their area, or has no knowledge of how to handle issues on a home inspection with repairmen and negotiate out for you.... then why are you using them? You might want to do a little research, maybe Google your Agent, check out their Bio, read their reviews - or call them and ask a few key questions about their listing and the market for this home, etc.  Maybe, again since this is such a big decision,  you might want to meet with them in person.  What else besides opening a door is it that they really do?  I just want to break into song..."Looking for love in all the wrong places...looking for love in too many faces...."  I'll never get that out of my head now!

Online Searching Made Easy for Mobile Devices

Home buyers have a lot of"sites" to search for homes- but which ones are tied directly to YOU as a home buyer? Which ones allow you to collaborate with the person you have chosen to be your Realtor, the one that knows and understands exactly what you are looking for? Do you really want to inquire about homes on Zillow and get bombarded with 15 agents who pay Zillow for your name, phone number, and email?Ask me about a MOBILE SEARCH APP where you and I can collaborate and I can see what you like, don't like and you can add me to make an appointment on a home within seconds. There's a solution to your online searching that works.

It's Easier To Just Call Off The Sign - "The Realtor Roulette Technique"

Eenie,Meanie, Miney , Moe...  Yea, that doesn't work so well. Before you walk in home - even at an open house be prepared!  Know a little about it first. and get Prequalified!  Here's a little something from a buyer's perspective that might help:

Hey Work With Agents Who Get Buyers Too

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