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A Change In Plans - Business As "Unusual"

 Our Response to The COVID-19 Virus 



Debbie Kirkland

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Debbie Kirkland started First Story Real Estate Company because she saw a need for radical changes in the real estate space...

Mar 18 5 minutes read

We Are Not Going To Panic

While we are serious about your health and ours, we are still open for business, holding new customer and agent interviews, showing homes and preparing listings for sale. 

We are monitoring the situation, taking all precautions, but feel like we can still function to conduct business in a safe way, with minimal restrictions and full precautions.

Accountable and Flexible

Finding ways to work in safe ways is top of mind. The safety of others is top of mind. Our service and how we can help is top of mind. We will not leave our customers hanging, waiting on services we can still provide. We will find ways to work around this situation.

Consultations Are Ongoing

We have had virtual technology for some time - before many others actually, and we are prepared to meet with you from the safety of your home. We use meeting software, cell phone communication apps , video programs to serve you in ways you may not have even thought possible, be we did. We know some prefer face to face meetings, and we will offer these, with restrictions, and safeguards in place for everyone needed. So, just call, we will make it work!

Seeing Homes Is Still Possible

We have actually sold homes before this crisis, sight unseen! Yep! Many of our buyers have bought homes and totally depended on our use of technology and our expertise to show properties from very far away, only showing up to see their new homes at closing or after! 

Right now, we want to respect sellers of homes, their personal spaces, etc. by limiting exposure from people who may be sick or infirmed and prevent cross-contamination by implementing safeguards to prevent this. We have standards in place for protection of all. We will still show properties in person when possible.

Electronic Offers 

Paperless office systems have been used for years by our company. We have a lot of experience with electronic fillable and executable forms, delivery of documents, virtual notary services and constant communications with our customers. This is not a new protocol. For our office, it has been a standard of practice for years and we can bring you up to speed quickly. Our customers and our colleagues in the lending, title, inspection services, etc. can deliver and communicate effectively in all parts of home buying. 

Our home search capabilities make searching for a home easy, and communication with our agents one-click away. ALL of our agents have direct apps for your use and communication and home searching!

We Are Here. We Are Working. We Will Overcome.

While this reminds us of the market depression of 2007-2012, it is NOT the same. That crash was caused by predatory and sub-prime lending practices combined with a surplus of inventory and new construction. This crisis is temporary, lending practices are different and safer, interest rates are at an all-time low, inventory is low and needed, and there is not much new construction in our market. There is still a demand for housing, a need for homes to be sold and plenty of homebuyers who need to move and find homes.

Rest assured, we will work to help you sell and find a home and continue to work with our investors who have money to invest in the safest commodity we have, real estate.

Help is Right Here

We know many of you are so scared and skeptical about the near future. The fears are real, but so are the solutions, so is the empathy and comfort of friends. We are here. We are a phone call away.

Debbie Kirkland, Broker. 850.212.0440

Hollie Myers REALTOR 561-310-3605

Tom Hutchinson, REALTOR 850-322-4954

Lance Ball, REALTOR. 850-464-4232

Gay Steffen, REALTOR. 850-519-2701

Stephen Michalakos, REALTOR  850-901-8656

Sue Criswell, REALTOR 850-933-3952

Bobby McDonald., REALTOR 850-253-5981

Chris Lewis, REALTOR. 850-545-4871

Virtual Services

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